Network Security

Information is an essential resource for all businesses and is the key to growth and success. Ensuring that the information held on your IT systems is secure is vitally important.

GiveMeSupport can provide advice and support to keep your systems protected in this increasingly complex environment. We constantly review developments in information technology to make sure that risks and problems are addressed at an early stage.

The service we offer
With our security service you no longer have to worry about threats such as Hackers, Viruses, Worms, Trojans or Spyware. We  can customise the security features which you require and then configure, install and manage the security of your network 24/7.

Email security management
Are you able to stop the unwanted material your employees receive in e-mail? Our services for e-mail security can provide a variety of solutions to enhance your existing security that will help to prevent Viruses, spam and control unwanted content in email.

Web security management
Our web security service protects your company from internet threats with 24/7 scanning that helps stop Viruses and Spyware before they can compromise the network. Simple to deploy and easy to manage, it protects with robust anti-Virus, anti -Spyware and URL-filtering technologies such as:

  • Firewall security to block unwanted traffic
  • VPN to connect remote users or sites securely
  • Anti-virus to protect your network from viruses and worms
  • Web filtering to block or monitor inappropriate web activity by employees (we will advise on the model most appropriate to your requirements)

Managed Network Service

24-hour, 7-day security monitoring
Our security team will monitor your network security 365 days a year ensuing that your network is always secure and the latest updates are applied automatically.

Configuration and installation
One of our security specialists will configure and carry out the installation services. This can be done either on-site or remotely.

We provide a service whereby we can manage the security of your network all year round. Automated updates are applied to server and PCs remotely preventing the latest Viruses attacking your network.

Reporting and reviews
We can provide reports highlighting all the intrusion attempts to your network. One of our service level managers will produce a report

Business continuity
Protecting the future of your business whatever the size is the number one priority for every business leader, and the smaller your business the more important it is to have a contingency plan in place.

Business continuity is the maintenance of the continued operation of your business. Continuity is about anticipating the crises that could affect your business and planning for them, to make sure you can continue to function in the event of an emergency.

Organisations that have a business continuity capability are far more likely to survive the effects of a major incident than those that don't. Our customers can be certain that every aspect of our service is dedicated to providing the most flexible and cost effective solutions available.

What we offer

  • A comprehensive business continuity plan that addresses all requirements essential to keeping the business running
  • Plan and reduce risk
  • Carry out risk analysis and implement processes
  • Provide flexible solutions that enable you to recover quickly if there is an unavoidable failure or disaster
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